Agricultural Cooperative Women’s Project

Location:La Jigua, Honduras
Start Date:2015
End Date: Ongoing

Agricultural Value Chain Development project that supports women in rural areas to participate in an agricultural cooperative through the production of vegetable seedlings for members of the cooperative and possibly value-added agricultural products for sale at local markets to generate income and improve the living conditions of their families.

Project Objectives:

  • To empower and improve standard of living of women
  • To increase knowledge of agricultural production techniques
  • To enhanced capacity in growing and processing vegetables and other crops

Partners include:

  • CAEOL (Cooperativa Agricola Ezfuerzo Occidental Limitada-Western Agricultural Cooperative Effort Limited)
  • Local staff in Honduras including staff of the cooperative (including manager, accountant, administrative support, agricultural extension specialist, security, maintenance and other support staff),and Board of Directors of the cooperative
  • Volunteers in Honduras
  • Support organization in Honduras: OCDIH (Organizacion Christiana de Desarollo Intergral de Honduras-Christian Organization for Integrated Development in Honduras)

Involvement by board:

  • Suggestions on how to improve overseas project management, communication and reporting