Comunidades Eclesiásticas de Base de El Salvador (CEBES)

Association for the Promotion of Community Development CEBES Perquín, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that began in December 1980, when father Rogelio Ponseele moved from San Salvador to Morazán in order to accompany a people that was making a heroic effort to build a better country.  The association obtained legal status in December 2017.

In the intervening 36 years, CEBES Perquin has continued to develop formation processes in order that all people are respected and aware of their human rights.  One of the main focuses has been in encouraging women to be involved in formation, encouraging hope and encouraging all people to play an active part of the achievement of peace in a population so terribly affected by the civil war. Our vision is to be an association which, together with other agencies operating in the area, leads the process of community development in the search for a more just and sustainable society.

In carrying out our mission, we are an association that promotes community development with an emphasis on women’s economic empowerment, social integration, and environmental sustainability; promoting the participation of various local sectors.

At the present time we have set, as an institution, the following objectives:

  • To strengthen, deepen and develop formation processes
  • The promotion of self-sustainability
  • The strengthening organizational capacity