Tierra Colorada Secondary School Project Guatemala

Tierra Colorada is a small community in Guatemala. For many years Paul Layte and Nancy Cowle visited the local primary school each year and volunteered working with the children and trying to make some improvements to the school. In 2006 Paul and Nancy came to Sombrilla looking for help to rebuild the school which had become very run down and overcrowded.

Together with them and with a grant from the Government of Alberta we were able to add a second story to the school and refurbish the bottom floor. Soon after the construction was complete one of the teacher went to Paul and Nancy and suggested starting a secondary school program, making use of the space in the afternoon. It was a good idea as because most of the children in the community were not able to continue their education beyond primary school. There was no secondary school in the community and most families were not able to afford to send their student to the city for school.

The teachers went to work making application to the government of Guatemala to start the program. In time all the paperwork went through with the agreement that Sombrilla would pay the teachers for the first 3 years of the program and one grade would be added each year. After that the government would take over and would pay the teachers.

For many years that didn’t happen and Sombrilla continued to support the program in full. This year we have had some very good news. The Government of Guatemala is going to pay the teachers for one grade of the secondary program. Sombrilla will still be covering the costs for the other two grades but we have some hope that in time the government will do the right thing and take on the whole cost of the program.

It only costs $50 per year to keep one student in school. 

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