The partner organization ‘Cooperative Agricola Ezfuerzo Occidental Limitada’ (CAEOL) was established in 2008 as an agricultural cooperative of small-scale vegetable and food crop producers in the Western part of Honduras.

The Cooperative, first founded by 22 producers, currently has approximately 100 members. All members are small-scale vegetable or fruit producers, such as passion fruit, in the rural areas of Honduras. The Cooperative supports its members by providing technical assistance, market information, small credits for farm inputs, access to farm inputs at reduced prices, a collection and distribution centre for vegetables and fruit production and access to markets in the urban centres of the region.

The goal of the Cooperative is to improve the members’ access to agricultural inputs, such as fertilizers and seeds, as well as equipment, including small greenhouses and irrigation equipment. In addition, the cooperative improves market access for members by connecting them to buyers of their products in the larger urban centres and provides transport to those markets. The cooperative also provides technical assistance through outreach specialists and offers training and information on agricultural techniques and methods. As a result, members are able to diversify their production, reduce the dependence on cash crops or subsistence agriculture, to increase the income and food security and improve the livelihood and quality of life of their families.

The Cooperative is located in the Western part of Honduras, adjacent to the border to Guatemala. The producers are located in 6 rural communities in the province of Copan and 3 communities in the province of Santa Barbara. The Cooperative supports families in the following rural communities: Nueva Arcadia, San Nicolas, Trinidad, Florida, La Jigua, San Antonio de Copan, Macuelizo, Nueva Frontera and Santa Barbara.

The Cooperative was established in 2008 and registered as an agricultural Cooperative in 2009.