Meet Laura, our Board Intern

Laura was born in Colombia and immigrated with her family to Montreal, Canada, at the age of 16. Since she was very young she has had a deep passion for community service. That passion led her to apply for a board internship through the Community Service Learning Program at the University of Alberta where she is a student. Luckily for the Sombrilla board she was matched with us.
Since September Laura has attended Sombrilla meetings, and taken workshops on board effectiveness. Part of Laura’s internship is to do a project that will be of benefit to the board. Laura has decided to develop a series of workshops works on gender analysis which she will deliver for the board members over the next year. The objective of this workshops is to find culture-friendly approaches to tackle obstacles and make Sombrilla’s support to partner organizations more efficient. Laura hopes to continue to serve within her community, to inspire others to volunteer and give so people in Latin America can succeed and to continue being part of Sombrilla for years to come.